KOCHI - 682 002 Kerala India


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E01F 15/00 ; B61L 29/00
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The Scientific Developer of the device invented by Coombil Ayathan Vinayaram.
This Device was invented with the safety of motorists in mind.
It is ao designed that when a vehicle runs over it, the driver only gets alerted by jerk & noise the device causes the device to bend over when it is hit and so it no way causes the driver to loose control of the vehicle or overturn. The fluorescent paiting makes it visible during the day and the flashing LED makes it visible during darker hours or in inclement weather. The height of the device is so designed that it does not cause damage to the vehicle when the Device spring back to its normal position, after being run over. The upper part of the device is made of a pipe piece of thick gauge so that it does not get damaged, when run over. Sharp edges are avoided to ensure that it does not damage the tyre. In remote place where electricity is not available the LED may be powered using power from solar panels.

The device called"GODs EYEe" is a simple one that occupies very little space on the road. It consists of four main parts.
Cylindrical pipe 2) Conical spring. 3) Metal Plate and 4) Led (Light Emitting Diode). The height of the device is about one feet only.
The device's metal plate and pipe are coated with fluorescent paint. The LED is located within the pipe, at the top end and is visible through a hole. The metal plate is fixed to the road and the power supply lines are concealed under the road.

"GOD EYEe" is device having the maximum safety and they are:-
The DC power prevents electric shock to careless pedestrians... 2) The rubber bush and rubber coating could aviod sparks. 3) The spring is flexible to prevent loss of control of the vehicle when it runs over. 4) The flickering light indicators warn the drivers about the presence of the median 5) The device is sturdy and robust, to with-stand any weather condition or physical battering.

The "GODs EYEe" can be applied on Narrow roads, Tunnels, Bridges, Highways and any busy road, particularly accident  prone areas of highways. It may also be modified and used as indicators at the edges of runways at airports to avoid damage to aircrafts and as submerged indicators in back-water channels indicate the path for a safe passage to the boats or as indicators to locate the depth of the channel.
Another innovative suggestion is to replace the tall barricades with spaces for ads, installed along the entire length of medians, to prevent crossing of roads by pedestrains at places other than zebra crossing, with GODs EYEe installations.

Flexible Road Barrier With Indicator