A flexible road barrier with LED indicator, suitable to be placed on narrow roads, sharp bends, narrow bridges, and tunnels, wherein constructing physical dividers may not be a feasible solution, technically as well as logistically, to separate traffic flowing in opposite directions is disclosed. The said road barrier comprises of two parts i) a 17 cm long heavy duty metal pipe (1) of diameter 2.5cm, with its top sealed, and ii) an tempered iron spring (2), 7 cm wide and 8 cm high, whose one end is bolted to the pipe at its lower end, and the other end fixed on a concrete base (3) using a 8 cm bolt (4). The spring, under normal circumstances, holds the divider at right angles to the ground, while an LED fixed in a plastic casing, about one cm from the top of the metal pipe acts as the visual indicator. If a vehicle happens to run over the said flexible road barrier, owing to the elasticity of the spring, the divider regains its original shape/form once  the deforming force exerted on it ceases.

Coombil Ayathan Vinayaram

Flexible Road Barrier With Indicator